Medicinal massage - this is the massage of great therapeutic benefits. Applied techniques are such: grinding, patting, kneading which allow very precisely to loosen the given area of the body. This massage soothes the rigidity of muscles, the tension and pain caused by joint overload.

Deep tissue massage – is a therapy of working on tissues which are not elaborated in the classical or of sports massage. The massage tailored to individual needs of the patient. By means of this massage the therapist can influence the state of the muscle tone, and also correct defects and treat dysfunctions of mobility organs.

Lymphatic drainage - encourages the improvement of the lymph flow in the lymphatic system. Due to proper techniques the retained lymph is pushed into the lymph nodes. The lymphatic drainage brings about positive results in the treatment of oedemas. It is particularly recommended for the person who suffers from swollen calves, and also for the purpose of purifying the organism from toxins.

Kinesio Taping – is a therapeutic method benefiting the person through sticking tapes (of specific nature) on chosen elements of the body special structure. The stuck plaster helps to prevent from traumata, supports the improvement of posture and re-establishing muscle equilibrium, reduces pain complaints related to traumata and also reduces oedemas and inflammatory disorders.

Trigger point therapy –a trigger-point is the place within the belly of a muscle sensitive to the pressure and being characterized by radiating pain. The therapy consists in different forms of pressure techniques and application of the massage to a given place. Its purpose is the removal of pain and the improvement of unsettled motor patterns.

Kinesitherapy or kinesiatrics – is the therapeutic treatment of disease by passive and active muscular movements. Its main objective is the restoration of painless movements of the spine and limbs, the improvement of body efficiency and muscle endurance. Furthermore the controlled weight loss of the body, and also the formation of correct motor habits. It is therapeutically applied as a set of carefully chosen exercises in the following:

  • spine and joints pain syndromes
  • spine and joints mobility restrictions
  • discopathies and degenerative changes in the spine and joints
  • muscular atrophy
  • paresis owing to degenerative, posttraumatic changes or degenerative neurological disorders
  • obesity
  • cardiac protracted illness and respiratory system illness

Terapuls – is the device using an impulse electromagnetic field of high-frequency. Terapuls warms up tissues minimizing the heat effect through the use of impulses of very high-power separated from each other with long periods. Due to the above the warmth is dispersed in tissues. Treatment benefits are:

  • angiectasia of blood vessels and the increase in their permeability
  • increase in the blood flow
  • acceleration of tissue absorption processes e.g. haematomas
  • acceleration of cellular metabolism
  • analgesic and antiphlogistic, and anti-oedema effects
  • muscular tension reduction


  • chronic inflammatory joint disease
  • joint degenerative changes
  • spinal degenerative disease
  • tendinitis
  • joint dislocations
  • haematomas
  • neuralgias
  • post-traumatic scars


  • the presence of a pacemaker, metal-implants
  • neoplasms and after the radiological treatment conditions
  • all illnesses with acute inflammatory condition , or of disturbed blood circulation
  • tuberculosis,
  • pregnancy
  • shin varicosis, and shin ulceration as the result of varicosity
  • thrombophlebitis