Classical massage – provides relaxation. The frequent use of classical massage brings the effect of a better frame of mind and skin toning. Thus skin is provided with more blood and oxygen. After this massage tensed muscles loosen up, and the tension in the back and the neck decreases.

Relaxation massage – directly exerts a positive influence on a frame of mind. It reduces, and also removes the muscular, nervous, and also emotional tension. One is filled with relaxation and lessening of tension. Quiet, rhythmical, slow movements performed by the masseur bring the peace and relaxation.

Medical massage - this is the massage of great therapeutic benefits. Applied techniques such as rubbing, patting, pressing down allow very exactly to loosen the given area of the body. It relieves muscle stiffness, the tension and pain caused by joint overload.

Deep tissue massage – the therapy working on tissues which are not elaborated in the classical or sports massage. The massage tailors to individual needs of the patient. The deep massage positively influences the state of muscle tone, corrects defects and treats dysfunctions of motor organs.

Sport massage – is the type of intensive massage which soothes one’s body after a physical effort. The purposes of this massage is the prevention of negative results of overloads which can occur in sport. There are several forms of this massage, dependent on the treatment time in relation to the sport-activity.

Aromatherapy – the relaxation body massage with the use of essential oils positively influencing the body and mind. The massage brings the feeling of relaxation, and tension relief which in turn invigorate the body. It is recommended for people who need tranquillity and calming down.

Hot chocolate massage - affects both the body and the soul. Chocolate is rich in active substances such as magnesium, zinc and calcium nourishing the skin. An additional component is caffeine which tones and gives elasticity to the skin, and also has the anti-cellulite effect. The smell of warmed chocolate improves the mood and invigorates the person.

Slimming massage with warm honey – the influence of honey in this massage is significant. Warm honey positively affects the skin; it helps the function of sweat glands which facilitate the removal of salts and toxins through the skin. Honey has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and moistening effect. Additionally it helps the removal of cellulite, stretch marks and also scars. After the massage the skin becomes silky smooth and firm. The smell of honey puts the person into the state of relaxation, improving the massage effects.

SPA treatment – this treatment is composed of entire body scrubbing which removes callused skin. The mask which will moisten and will nourish the skin and the massage which increases the treatment efficiency. Wrapping the body in foils improves the mask effectiveness and provides spectacular effects. The skin after this treatment is firm, moistened, and of improved colouring.

Anti-cellulite massage with Chinese cupping - splendidly checks out as the toning treatment, anti-cellulite and modelling of the silhouette. It descends from traditional Chinese medicine. Its advantage is the fact that it brings very visible effects in a very short time.

Facial massage - Ayurvedic facial massage with the use of warm aromatic oils. It is an ideal way of improving skin firmness and toning. It prevents the loss of the face oval, improves the blood flow in the skin. Accurately applied techniques positively influence our frame of mind. They help to get rid of tension, contributing to the headache. The massage improves the absorption of oils, what is particularly favourable in the case of dry skin.

Head skin massage (Shirodhara) - - the Indian massage of the head with the use of warm Ayurvedic oil. Applied techniques of the classical massage with the acupressure and the elaboration of vital points responsible for energy bring the feeling of relaxation. The head skin after the treatment is better blood-supplied, moistened, and the hair becomes lustre.