Losing weight with a doctor

Just a little bit of inspiration

Inspiration is very much needed in order to change something. For most of us good health is of primary importance. Yes, of course there are those aesthetes for whom the ideal look is even more important than health. However, is it worth pursuing it at all costs?

You are most welcome to visit us. We shall begin from the basics i.e. is everything all right with our body? Are these extra kilos gained solely in 100% by oneself? Let our doctor specialist answer these at first.

We are perfectly aware that we can change something only by finding 'the golden mean' between the amount of food eaten and the energy expenditure. We will reveal to you our diet secrets, we will advise you how to deal with problems appearing 'on the way' to our perfect body. Every goes through ups and downs. Although, it is important to know as J.W. Goethe said: “The comic figure who trips, falls down, but can always get up again”. Besides, it is always easier to overcome difficulties together.

You will certainly find the support that you need in our Beauty Zone.
You are very welcome to try us out.

1. The medical visit

  • interview
  • order of laboratory tests
  • order of additional tests e.g. ECE

2. The medical visit

  • lab tests interpretation
  • physical exam

3. The beginning of weight reduction

  • introduction of rules of correct nutrition tailored to the individual patient
  • introduction of training plan

4. Check-up medical visits (once a month)
optionally available:

  • massages
  • rehabilitation