Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine , though is a relatively new branch of medicine, stirs an interest among more and more groups of people. In some cases, it even constitutes an alternative for plastic surgery. Its specificity not only allows to improve of looks but first of all positively influences the frame of mind.

Treatments performed within the framework of aesthetic medicine do not release us from widely understood "caring of one’s own health" allow, however, to remove hindering us imperfections. You are most welcome to try it with us!


Plastic surgery treatment is carried out by Ms Hanna Tosińska-Okrój, a MD, PhD lecturer in the Clinic of Anaplasty of the University Clinical Centre , the surgeon with the long experience. Doctor Tosińska-Okrój treated with great devotion burned fire victims of the hall fire of the Gdańsk Shipyard in 1994.

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Medical office: ul. Partyzantów 49b, Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz

PRP (platelet-rich plasma)

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrate of platelets in a small volume of plasma. It is received from blood received from the vein, directly from the patient before the treatment.

The impact of platelet-rich plasma:
- it prompts the regeneration process of tissues
- it prompts fibroblasts to the synthesis of new collagen
- it supports the process of the angiogenesis (creations of new blood vessels)
- activates mesenchymal stem cells

- when there appear to be signs of the senescence: wrinkles, folds, crease, crow's feet, sunken skin , reduced skin density,
- when skin is tired, dry, not firm, and its colouring not equal,
- when we want skin to heal and regenerate more quickly after the treatment,
- when it is necessary to fill scars after acne,
- when natural food is sought or there are allergies are to other products.

- smoothing of wrinkles and folds
- improvement of skin elasticity, firmness and density
- revitalisation of skin, smoothing out and the unification of skin colouring
- remodelling of collagenous fibres
- improvement of blood supply of the skin
- acceleration of healing processes after the treatment of aesthetic medicine

- blood diseases
- neoplasms
- pregnancy
- lactation
- treatment with some kinds of anticoagulants (antithrombotic drugs)


What is Botox?
Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a natural, purified protein, (used since the nineties of XX century) which has the ability of loosening of responsible muscles for the formation of wrinkles. The preparation causes the relaxation and relaxing of face muscles. It is also applied also in the treatment of hidrosis, and in ophthalmology in case of hyperactivity of eyeball muscles.

How does Botox work?
Botox has a very good safety profile. For over 10 years the preparation is applied in aesthetic medicine, and over 20 years in neurology and ophthalmology. Some adverse reactions e.g. excessive relaxation of the muscle, if it so appears, are usually gentle or moderate and have a reversible character. This medicine is even administer to two-year children suffering from the cerebral infantile palsy.

Is Botox treatment safe?
Botox has a very good safety profile. For over 10 years the preparation is applied in aesthetic medicine, and over 20 years in neurology and ophthalmology. Some adverse reactions e.g. excessive relaxation of the muscle, if it so appears, are usually gentle or moderate and have a reversible character. This medicine is even administer to two-year children suffering from the cerebral infantile palsy.

How long does the Botox treatment remain?
3 days or so after the treatment the patient should see the impairment of mimic facial in the place where the preparation was applied. Effects of the treatment can remain up to 4 months. However one ought to remember that this period is individual for every patient.

- illnesses of neuromuscular conduction
- pregnancy and lactation period
- blood clotting disorders

FILLERS (hyaluronic acid)

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid provides a protective function of the skin among other things due to its ability of water binding (1 molecule of hyaluronic acid binds 250 molecules of water). It supports the proper maintenance of skin hydration. With age its concentration in the skin decreases, which along with the degradation of collagenous fibres, with the loss of the volume of the connective tissue leads to the worsening of the skin condition.

Where can it be applied?
With the help of the hyaluronic acid we can successfully fill wrinkles on the face, model the facial shape e.g.: mouth, and the skin can be revitalized with mesotherapy.

MESOTHERAPY (Croma-Pharma)

Mesotherapy is an effective way of delivering of medicinal substances intradermally. It consists in applying microinjections of small doses of medicinal substances. Injected preparations are e.g. hyaluronic acid, nucleotides DNA, N-acetylcysteine, coenzymes, vitamins. Due to mesotherapy the skin becomes nourished and resilient.

• anti-wrinkle (including the eye area) prophylaxis
• shadows under eyes
• skin toning
• reduction of stretch marks
• reduction of cellulite
• treatment of baldness

• pregnancy
• capillary skin
• reception of anticoagulant drugs
• diabetes
• inflammatory and viral disorders of skin e.g. herpes


The result of micro skin needling is the removal of dead epidermis and the relaxation of connections between its cells with the simultaneous stimulation to the renewal and regeneration of the skin. This leads to the increase in the blood flow in the skin and stimulations of fibroblasts to the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Every following treatment gradually shallows scars and eliminates wrinkles. The device used during the treatment has the regulated frequency to prick (from 25 to 90 times per second) what shortens the time of the treatment and reduces its painfulness. The device allows the performance of pricks from 0.25 to 2.00 mm inside the skin which enables the stimulation of the deeper layer of skin, where there are most fibroblasts.

- skin regeneration
- wrinkles removal
- treatment of scars
- reduction of stretch marks.


Mature skin – the treatment gives visible thickening of the skin, the improvement of firmness, the effect of delicate face-lifting, making small wrinkles more shallow, the reduction of pores, and due to thickening of the epidermis the blood capillaries become less visible.

Skin discolouration – decrease post-sunny discolouration , smoothes colouring of the face skin, the neck and the neckline.

Scars, stretch marks – decrease through the regeneration of elastin and the collagenous layer. Overgrown scars (post-treatment, post-burn) become soft and flat.

Baldness – can be treated this way, particularly with a person for which the classical treatment of mesotherapy is too painful.

CELLUFORM (Croma-Pharma)

The treatment consists in injecting of tissue with a cocktail permanently destroying fat cells. The preparation is composed of : phosphatidylcholine, niacin (vitamin PP). The mixture of both substances provides a high effectiveness in the treatment of cellulite and the local excess of adipose tissue.

Treatment platform "Derma Frac"
(Genesis Biosystems, USA)
      The novelty!

"The immediate effect without pain"

  • It is the latest system to perform small pricks of skin, due to which one can simultaneously deliver medicinal substances.
  • The hypotension allows the introduction into the area of the tissue thousands of small needles which painlessly penetrate in the epidermis to the upper part of the papillary layer of dermis, just above capillary vessels and ends of nerves.
  • Microchannels formed owing to the use of accurately calibrated depth of the penetration of needles, enable the maximum penetration of the substance through the skin.
  • The degree of viscosity and the size of serum molecules are specially adapted so that one can obtain the best penetration of medicinal substances into the skin. Due to this, the treatment is painless and bloodless – which is a great advantage for the person with sensitive skin.

DermaFrac consists of 3 treatments:
  • corundum crystal-free microdermabrasion
  • micro-needling therapy + infusion without anaesthesia
  • photodynamic therapy with LED light

DermaFrac means:
  • comparable effectiveness to the fractional laser
  • condensation of the epidermis already visible after the first treatment
  • patient’s comfort during the treatment

"The treatment is painless and does not exclude the patient from the daily activity"

There are 4 kinds of serum used for the treatment
  • Solution of peptides of rejuvenating properties
  • Solution of skin brightening properties on the basis of kojic acid
  • Solution of moistening properties with hyaluronic acid
  • Solution of anti-acne properties on the basis of salicylic acid

The treatment, in case of the anti-wrinkle therapy brings best effects, when it is performed in the series of six treatments. The effect of skin natural rejuvenation remains for a year or so.


Microdermabrasion - is called controlled mircopeeling and is one of the methods of skin mechanical exfoliation (the corneous layer of epidermis). It brings about cleansing of the skin and the stimulation of regenerative processes. It is a painless, non-invasive and safe treatment (due to the use of bio-barrier disposable tips). Microdermabrasion is performed on the face as well as the neckline, back and arms. The treatment is painless and does not exclude the patient from the daily activity.

How does microdermabrasion works?
-hypotension increases the contact of the crystal-covered skin with the disposable tip
-corneum, sebum and bacteria are removed
-hypotension sucks in blood to the upper part of dermis
- it opens and cleans pores

What are effects of microdermabrasion?
-cleaning and exfoliating of epidermis
-hypotension extends blood vessels improving the circulation and prompting the production of collagen
-the increase in the density of derma after several treatments
-the skin subjected to the treatment is more susceptible to nutrients

  • common acne and seborrhoea
  • post-acne scars , blackheads
  • extended pores
  • discolouration (including post-sunny)
  • thin lines and wrinkles

Contraindications (among other things) are:
- viral, bacterial and mycotic infections
- acne pustulosa, phlegmonous acne, acne rosacea,


It has already been known for a long time about medicinal properties of sunlight e.g.: in the treatment of acne. Unfortunately, the sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB). The LED light therapy has (light-emitting diodes) medicinal properties deprived of the negative ultraviolet radiation effect. Three heads - Coolbreeze (yellow, red and blue) stimulate fibroblasts to the production of new collagen and elastin, as well as they reduce and soothe the skin irritation. This treatment is very pleasant, painless and safe (it can be applied even to the person with sensitive skin). After the treatment the patient returns to daily activities at once.

- wrinkles
- eczemas, acne, enlarged skin pores
- skin pigmentation disorders
- skin capillaries
- scars (it reduces them)
- dark circles under eyes

The influence of LED light:
  1. Blue – (the wavelength of 415 nm) penetrates the skin about 2mm deep, has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, reduces enlarged pores.
  2. Yellow - (the wavelength of 585 nm) has properties similar to the red light. It stimulates the production of collagen, improves the circulation of blood.
  3. Red - (the wavelength of 627 nm) penetrates in deeper layers of skin, because until the depth of 10 mm. It improves blood circulation, increases the metabolism of cells. It prompts fibroblasts to the production of collagen, elastin, glycoproteins. It delays the ageing process of the skin, has antiphlogistic properties , smoothes skin colouring.


Medical peelings is the topical application of substance on the skin causing the trauma of epidermis and derma, dependent on the power of chemical agent. Peeling causes controlled partial exfoliation of the skin with later healing. As result of the treatment the skin texture improves and the skin colour, surface wrinkles become more shallow.

Peeling categories:
  1. Surface Peeling – its effects are from epidermis to the layer of verrucous derma.
  2. Moderately deep – its effects are from the verrucous layer to the upper layer of reticular derma.
  3. Deep – its effects stay within the central layer of reticular derma.
Indications for its use:
photoageing, early sun damages , gentle common acne and rosacea acne, lentigos and freckles, changes to the epidermic, seborrhoeic and post-sun keratosis, surface wrinkles

pregnancy, open wounds, damages of the skin, active infections e.g. with the herpes virus, the atopic dermatitis , oxide pox or seborrheic dermatitis.